Archmaster with PanelThe Archmaster is a fast, safe, and efficient machine for arching panels and rails for doors. The archmaster is specifically designed to shape both the arched rails and panels. It effortlessly floats on a cushion of air while securely holding the panel or rail with pneumatic clamps. In addition, it is adjustable to be used on both cabinet and entry doors.


– Effortlessly floats on a cushion of air.
– Single thumb action activates clamp and floatation
-Self centering mechanism.
– Single model 24″ width capacity
– Adjustable: Use for both cabinet doors and entry doors.

The Archmaster is Adjustable

The Archmaster is adustable for different thicknesses. This enables one archmaster to be used on both cabinet and entry doors.

Archmaster rides on template.

Using a template, the archmaster rides on a rub bearing to shape the panel.

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